I'm a teacher and need help with a Google Form that collects the following info:

  • Timestamp
  • Name
  • Class
  • Lunch option

All of the data comes into a Google sheet. I'm using successfully using the QUERY function to get the data into separate sheets based on Class as I want to keep the data long-term for attendance and Timestamp info.

I have another sheet where I would like to show a count for each Lunch choice by Class and only for the current date.

Here's how the data is laid out in the 'Form Responses' sheet:

A B C D                                                         
1 Timestamp Student name Class Lunch choice
2 8/25/2023 8:22:20 Isaac Class 1 Vegan curry
3 8/25/2023 8:36:44 James Clerk Class 3 Vegan curry
4 8/25/2023 8:51:08 Albert Class Greek salad
5 8/25/2023 9:05:32 Richard Class 1 Vegan curry
6 8/25/2023 9:19:56 Edward Class 1 Lentil soup
7 8/25/2023 9:34:20 Lisa Class 3 Greek salad
8 8/25/2023 9:48:44 Juan Martín Class 2 Vegan curry

I then have a separate sheet called Lunch where I would like to get results like this:

A B C D                         
1 Lunch choice Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
2 Greek salad 1 1
3 Lentil soup 1
4 Vegan curry 2 1 1

I don't have much experience with the QUERY function.

  • I've tried putting it inside an IF function
  • I've tried copying the Timestamp into another column so that I can format the date out of the Timestamp
  • I've tried comparing that date with the TODAY function but it keeps returning FALSE.
  • Welcome to Web Applications Stack Exchange. Please edit your question and insert a table of sample data together with another table that shows your manually entered desired results. Also consider sharing a publicly editable sample spreadsheet. There is a blank sheet maker that lets you share safely. Aug 24, 2023 at 22:45

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To get the count of each type of lunch in D by classes in C where the datetime in A is today, use query(), like this:

  'Form Responses'!A1:D, 
  "select D, count(D) 
   where toDate(A) = toDate(now()) 
   group by D 
   pivot C", 

See query().


You need to remove the time from the Timestamp in order to only consider the date. You can do it using the INT function.

I don't know what formula you're using, but an example using COUNTIF:

=COUNTIF(INDEX(INT('Form Responses'!A:A)),TODAY())

Or you could use it inside COUNTIFS to add other criterion based on your other conditions, or inside FILTER.

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