I accidentally provided "Don’t recommend channel" feedback to YouTube for a channel I actually like.

How can I undo this so YouTube recommends this channel?

  • @galacticninja you are correct. I selected [recommendations] not realizing it was an alias for [webapp-rec].
    – Blindspots
    Oct 11 at 2:23

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I am not aware of any way to delete the “Don’t recommend channel” feedback for just a single channel.

You can, however, delete all the “Not interested” and “Don’t recommend channel” feedback you've previously provided.

From YouTube Help:

Clear “Not interested” and “Don’t recommend channel” feedback

Your “Not Interested” and “Don’t recommend channel” feedback may be used to tune your recommendations. To clear all the “Not interested” and “Don’t recommend channel” feedback you've submitted:

  1. Go to My Activity. You might need to sign in to your Google Account.

  2. Find Other Google activity in the left-hand Menu or under the My Activity banner.

  3. Select "YouTube 'Not interested' feedback," then select Delete.

View our other articles for more info about watch history, search history, and improving your recommendations.

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  • Great answer Franck. I made some edits to merge the two parts of your answer together for clarity. Q: can I do "x" A: No but you can do "y" flagging with temporary comment in case you don't approve. Flag comment as "no longer needed" once you've seen it.
    – Blindspots
    Oct 10 at 16:43

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