In Google Sheets, I have a system of scoring that uses letters paired with numerical values.

letters values
A 26
B 25
C 24
D 23
E 22
F 21

In my data, I have columns that are populated with letters and for the letters in each row I want to SUM their associated values.

Cat.1 Cat.2 Cat.3 Cat.4 SUM
A F F B 93
B E A A 99
C D D E 92

In the table above the first SUM returns 93 because SUM(A,F,F,B) is equivalent to SUM(26,21,21,25)=93

I have tried to find an answer online, but I'm having a hard time finding one that is specific to my problem.

Please note that I have very basic knowledge of Google Sheets/Excel, so I would like to keep it as simple as possible.


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This formula leverages the CODE function to convert the capital letters to their associated values.

  1. The CODE function returns a value for each capital letter:
    CODE("A")= 65
    CODE("B")= 66
    CODE("C")= 67   // and so on 
  2. That value is then subtracted from 65 (the value for A) so that the each letter is now equivalent to
    65-CODE("A")=  0
    65-CODE("B")= -1
    65-CODE("C")= -2  // and so on 
  3. Then 26 is added to each value so the letters are now equivalent to
    91-CODE("A")= 26
    91-CODE("B")= 25
    91-CODE("C")= 24  // and so on 
  4. The calculation is placed in an ARRAYFORMULA function so that a range of letters can be converted at once, and the resulting array is passed to a SUM function:
    =SUM({91-65, 91-66, 91-67})
    =SUM({26, 25, 24})

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