I have images in a spreadsheet that are placed above the cells. I try to put them into the cells. The help page reads

To move an image from over the cells to inside a cell:

  1. Click the cell you want to place the image in.
  2. Click the image > More > Put image in selected cell.

However, I can not find the menu option "More", clicking the image does not open a menu and [alt]+[/] (the menu search) does not find that command either if I have the cell and image selected. My format bar looks like this, while having cell E12 and the image selected:

Google Spreadsheet bar

Is the help out of date and where do I find that command?

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"More" is a button shown on the top-right corner of the image over the cells when it's selected.

More button on image over the cells in Google Sheets

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    gosh, those dots are nigh hidden on some photos, especially with dark backgrounds.
    – Trish
    Aug 14, 2023 at 17:56

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