I use Focus time on my calendar to give my colleagues a reference of when to schedule meetings, so I have a separate time for individual contribution. This is only available for Google Workspace Accounts. But I don't need notifications for these events and I couldn't find a way to disable them. Currently there aren't any knobs for Focus time on:

  • globally: Settings > Event settings
  • globally: Settings > Notification settings
  • specific recurrent event > Edit event

Here is the official support page: Modify Google Calendar notifications

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My workaround to the missing knob is to remove notifications globally on my calendar and only add notifications to my events when needed:

  1. On Google Calendar, click Settings (top right) > Settings
  2. Go to Settings for my calendars (left menu) > "My calendar name" > Event notifications
  3. Under Event notifications and All-day event notifications > click Remove notification.
  4. [Optional] When needed, select a calendar event > Edit event and Add notification; or when adding an event, More options > Add notification

See more on the For specific calendars section on Modify Google Calendar notifications

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