I am trying to filter gmail searches using filename[filetype] syntax, specifically for .zip and .jar files.

When I try filetype:zip, for example, I am able to see exactly 6 results, which all include .zip attachments.

However, I have been able to manually find many emails with .zip attachments that did not show up in the original filtered search showing exactly 6 results.

This is an issue for me since I am trying to locate several emails with zip files from many years ago. My theory is that the search is looking at the first N emails, or the email from N years ago - NOW, and ignoring the rest.

Is there a better way to filter searches by filetype or to force gmail to search deeper into my archived emails? Appreciate any useful info.

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According to support.google.com, the proper syntax is:


That worked for me, it returns all results since my Gmail account was created in 2007.

From support.google.com:

enter image description here

  • Good catch Franck.
    – Blindspots
    Commented Sep 25, 2023 at 6:13

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