I am looking for a way to migrate all of the photos from a Flickr account to a Picasa (soon to be Google Photos) account. I would prefer not to have to download all of the files to my local hard drive and then re-upload them.

Another question covered this same ground ( How do I transfer my photos from Flickr to Picasa? ) but the accepted solution is for Windows. I need a Mac solution.

Obviously I'd like to keep the meta data.

  • This is not an app recommendation request. This is asking how to do it. If it's an app, fine, but I'm just looking for a solution. – ale Jan 24 '16 at 17:07

It seems strange that there is nothing available that will easily do this for Mac users.

I did find this blog post which seems fairly easy. It does depend on you having Python installed though.

Extracted from blog post

The key component to the migration was a python script I found developed by Nathan Van Gheem last year, which used both services api’s to migrate not just pictures but albums and much of their metadata between the services.

So here we go, these instructions are for mac users who are in the lucky position of having python installed by default, but for windows are pretty similar are you have installed Python.

From a terminal window, install the two photo service api’s and the threadpool packages for Python

easy_install-2.6 gdata
easy_install-2.6 flickrapi
easy_install-2.6 threadpool

To use the python script you will need to authenticate against each of the services to access your pictures, for picassaweb this is your username and password, for Flickr because you are using in effect an external application to access your pictures you will need a Flickr API Key and secret.

From your Flickr account go the App Garden and apply for your own non-commercial API key. You need to provide a few details, but will end up with the api key string and a separate secret key string, something like..

Key: e97df11b147f9c46c2ec002b29f479df
Secret: 8fe34c331abbce32

Now you have all you need..

Remember to make your downloaded script executable

chmod +x migrate-flickr-to-picasa-nokey.py 

And run it


You should be asked to enter firstly your picassweb details, then your flick api key and secret, you should then be taken to a flickr webpage to confirm you want the script to have access to your pictures.

This script will move all the photos and sets from flickr over to picasa.    
That will require getting authentication information from both services...    

Authenticating with Picasa...
Picasa Username(complete email):edparsons@gmail.com
Picasa Password:
Authenticating with Flickr..
Flickr API Key:e97df11b147f9c46c2ec002b29f479df
Flickr API Secret:8fe34c331abbce32
Press ENTER after you authorized this program

Confirm that it’s ok, go back to the terminal window and press enter for the script to continue.

The process will take some time, so go grab a coffee and look forward to seeing your pictures in picasweb !


I haven't experienced it myself but the webapp Showzey seems to do that (for free).
The full procedure is explained here : How to Move Photos From Flickr to Picasa Web.

If for some reason it doesn't work for you, and you fallback to a manual approch, then desktop app Photo Grabbr (donationware) is of some help to download full sets of photos from Flickr.


If you didn't find a solution yet, you can try Cloudsfer.com Cloudsfer is a web service for migrating files between clouds and it supports both Flickr and Picasa.

Full disclosure - I'm part of the Cloudsfer team

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