When I Google search "arccos(-14/sqrt(30*68))=" (or any similar calculation), I just want Google to give me the number.

But instead Google first shows me this useless stuff from Mathway, GeoGebra, QuickMath, and Symbolab:

enter image description here

I have to scroll down before I see what I want:

enter image description here

How can I get rid of the Mathway, GeoGebra, QuickMath, and Symbolab stuff?

(I have uBlock origin. Is there maybe some code I can add to block the above?)

enter image description here


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Omit The Equals Sign

Equals signs don't normally help or hurt Google Search calculator functions, although I don't normally include them.

Leaving out the equals sign = solves it so seems like the simplest aporoach:


enter image description here

Other Approaches

If leaving in the equals sign adding calc or calculate before or after the calculation addressed it as well.

calc arccos(-14/sqrt(30*68))=

Adding brackets around the whole thing also works:


As does simply adding the opening bracket and skipping the closing one:


Instead of



arccos(-14/sqrt(30*68)) in radians

or click https://www.google.com/search?q=arccos(-14%2Fsqrt(30*68))+in+radians

Below is the top of the search results shown to me:


The page didn't include Mathway, GeoGebra, QuickMath, and Symbolab.

  • Removing "in radians" has a very similar result, just the units are "rad" instead of "radians".

  • Using "in degrees" has a very similar result, just the units are "degrees" instead of "radians".

  • Using "degrees", the scientific calculator is shown below the result.

    Results showing the scientific calulator

The above resulted from trial and error.

This works for me using the following:

  • google.com
  • Signed in using my main account
  • Display language: English
  • Results language: English
  • Region: Current (Mexico)
  • Web browser: Chrome
  • Operative System: macOS Sonoma

Your mileage might vary: Depending on your context, you might have a different experience using Google (websearch). If the suggested query doesn't work for you, you could look at the parameters listed above and others and try changing them, including changing the search query.


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