I am currently looking for a little help with Google Sheets.

I currently have three columns, B 'DATE' - C 'TIME' - D 'Dropdown list - BUY, Sell, Proforma'

So far, I have managed to do what I needed, but I am stuck on the last bit.

I have B set, that if D has any text, it enters the current date for me - =IF(ISTEXT(D56); NOW(); "")

I have C set, that if D has any text, it shows the current time - =IF(ISTEXT(D56); NOW(); "hh;mm")

My problem is this, if I leave column D empty, column C shows 'hh:mm' literally, the letters. If column D is left blank, how can I get column C to remain blank?

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=IF(ISTEXT(D56); NOW(); "hh;mm")

That formula will always show either the current time or the text string "hh;mm". To show a blank instead, use this:

=if(istext(D56); now(); iferror(ø))

To show the time as hours and minutes, format the column as Format > Number > Custom number format > h:mm.

It is unclear why you would need to show the current time on every row. To get permanent timestamps that stay put instead of always showing the current time, use a script such as yetAnotherTimestamp_. For more options, search this site for timestamp [google-sheets].

  • Hi doubleunary. Thank you for your reply. I have just tried the one you suggested and I think I haven't explained very well. When I click the dropdown and select BUY;SELL,PROFORMA, my first column shows the date. I would like the next to show the time I seclected BUY,SELL etc and remain at that time. I have just noticed the one I have keeps updating...Duh!
    – Steve
    Oct 11 at 15:35
  • To get permanent timestamps, use a script. Ask only one question per post. See What should I do when someone answers my question? Oct 11 at 16:08

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