I'd like to access (crowd-sourced) company rating information programmatically. Does anybody have suggestions which companies offer an API for that?


Glassdoor does not offer a public API. There are widgets available on their syndication page http://www.glassdoor.com/about/syndicationCenter.htm

Searching a few times brings up this signup wall.

Facebook signup for Glassdoor

So I guess that are wary of scrapers.

Searching similar sites seems to show that there is no API released for those sites as well but widgets instead.


Glassdoor does offer an API, you can see it in use here. From what I understand, it's still a private API, and you'd have to contact Glassdoor for access. We use it for the company information on our stock quote pages.


I recently released an opensource Glassdoor API (using Python requests and BeautifulSoup) https://github.com/hackerlist/glassdoor.

EDIT: http://www.glassdoor.com/api/index.htm -- glassdoor now offers a public REST API which requires a key.

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