I have a simple sheet with additions, it looks like this:

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B column is for the sum of the values on the right, and if there is no value on a row, it shows 0, but let's say I want it to say 'None' instead, or just be empty if there is no value to sum. B row functions are currently like this:


How can I do it?


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I would use a similar approach for replacing both blanks and text.

Similar to @doubleunary's second approach, I would trigger an error, but I would use that same aporoach in both cases and simply change the result based on preferred error handing (blank vs. string).

Multi-Row Formula

The following formula in B2 will calculate the SUM for all rows in the range C2:M20

Return Empty Values

=BYROW(C2:M20, LAMBDA(row,

Return A String

=BYROW(C2:M20, LAMBDA(row,

Return String but Skip Blank Rows

=BYROW(C2:M1000, LAMBDA(row,
  • If returning blanks instead of text, the additional approach has no benefit.

To display a text string when the sum is zero, use this pattern:

=if(sum(C7:M7), sum(C7:M7), "(none)")

To display a blank when the sum is zero, use iferror():

=iferror(1 / sum(C7:M7) ^ -1)

See iferror().


If your goal is simply to hide the 0 value, rather than replace it, you can apply a custom number format to the cells.

  1. Navigate to Custom number format using any of:

    1. Format menu > Number > Custom number format
    2. Alt+Shift+O N B
    3. Ctrl+1 N B * If Compatible Spreadsheet KB Shortcuts are enabled.

  2. Custom number formats follow the following pattern:

    Therefore, any of the following formats would hide zero values:

  3. 0;-0;;@


  4. 0;-0;


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