"Please advise on how to correctly input the formulas to get the desired result as shown in the picture. Task:


  1. Лист1 (used as a database) where information is entered and then distributed to ЯБЛОКИ,ГРУШИ,СЛИВЫ.
  2. On Sheets (ЯБЛОКИ,ГРУШИ,СЛИВЫ) I applied the ARRAYFORMULA function to import images from the "PNG" sheet, but the import formula from Лист1 was immediately disrupted. Here is the desired version on the "ГЛАВНЫЙ" sheet." enter image description here

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The query() function returns images as null values. Use filter() instead, like this:

  data; vstack('ЯБЛОКИ'!A2:G; 'ГРУШИ'!A2:G; 'СЛИВЫ'!A2:G); 
  filter(data; len(choosecols(data; 1)) + len(choosecols(data; 3))) 

See let(), vstack(), filter() and choosecols().


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