I'm wondering if it might be possible to start a new OpenAI ChatGPT conversation by using a URL. I need to find some URL like https://chat.openai.com/chat?topic=why+is+the+sky+blue such that when I visit the link, it starts a conversation with the question "why is the sky blue".

One use case is to add ChatGPT to Google Chrome as a "site search" search engine.

Does ChatGPT have a URL query parameter like this that I can pass to start a chat?

I am open to installing a Chrome extension, user script, etc. to open a web browser tab that shows the original ChatGPT conversation user interface.

To be clear, I specifically want to use OpenAI's ChatGPT; I’m not interested in instructions for getting this to work with competing AI chatbots.

  • As is explained in the Community Wiki answer, the term ChatGPT is ambiguous. As it's expected that questions which answer is "no" provide an alternative, please make the question more specific about if this question is limited to the features of chat.openai.com , if you are open to using user coding like user scripts and in such case, specify if you are looking to use a specific web browser extension like GreaseMonkey / TamperMonkey. On the other hand, if you only want something that could be used on the Chrome settings to specify ... Nov 7, 2023 at 18:03
  • ... a search engine, please emphasize this. Please be clear if you are open to third-party options or if you only want a solution that is entirely supported by OpenAI. It's worth mentioning that questions that, from their conception, are looking for a software recommendation are off-topic here, but they might be on-topic on Software Recommendations. Questions about generative ai tools, like "ChatGPT" might be asked on GenAI. Nov 7, 2023 at 18:07
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  • Please choose one, extension or user script, and show what you tried based on what you choose, i.e., if you choose an extension, go to the Chrome Extensions webstore and look around. Do you have difficulty finding an extension that meets your needs? If you have found an extension that doesn't meet your needs, tell us why. If you decide to use a user script, show a script you tried and tell us why it doesn't meet your needs. Nov 8, 2023 at 18:14
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To the best of my knowledge, this isn't supported natively. However, you can use the following extension:

ChatGPT Deeplink: This adds a URL parameter to ChatGPT so you can deep link to start new conversations from other applications (like Raycast). The URL scheme is: https://chat.openai.com/?query=your+query+here

It also adds a custom search engine to Chrome, so in the Omnibox you can type ai {query}. Triggering this command may either be a space or tab, depending on your settings (chrome://settings/searchEngines).

I didn't test it myself but I did look at the source code to make sure it didn't look malicious. You can check out the source code online here, which you should do before installation.

There are other extensions that integrate ChatGPT with search somehow but this seems to be the only one that does what the question asks (providing a query URL or OpenSearch in the browser).

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    Warning people about the risks inherent in 3rd party extensions and their responsibility to ensure they do their own due diligence is a more responsible way recommend scripts. Also, highlighting the extension is an "example" of what they can choose from at chrome.google.com/webstore/search/ChatGPT?_category=extensions would make the answer more valuable. Many extensions you did not highlight have millions of users and thousands of reviews. This one has 12 users, 1 review, a developer link that wrongly points to Open AI, and you're not an active user of it...
    – Blindspots
    Nov 7, 2023 at 18:40
  • Example note about extensions that can be included in posts: "I have no affiliation with the extension. You should review the different extensions that are available in the Chrome Web Store and always do your due diligence prior to installing any 3rd party software."
    – Blindspots
    Nov 7, 2023 at 18:46

What you are looking for is not supported natively.

Be careful about what you might find in the wild, including marketplaces like Chrome Extensions Webstore, as due to the ChatGPT hype, there are scams and phishing threats.

First, look at the OpenAI official resources -> https://openai.com/chatgpt.

If you find that what you are looking for is not supported natively and you decide to go for a third-party or user-crafted solution, be careful about the instructions given by the third party or found in the wild. If you don't understand the instructions or don't know how to verify the source reputation and the resources available to you in case of having a problem or dispute, before proceeding with the instructions, spend some time learning about being safe online.

Start looking for local entities endorsed by the local government and trusted civil entities offering education and guidance about computers and the Internet. Once you understand the basics, depending on the education programs available, you might have to make additional efforts to learn about online rights and cybersecurity.



ChatGPT hype

There are several misconceptions about ChatGPT. On the one hand, the term has been used by OpenAI as a brand for a wide range of things. On the other hand, it has been used as a common name in many writings.


OpenAI announced ChatGPT in November 2022. This announcement included instructions on accessing the related web application, Introducing ChatGPT, with the following address:


Later, OpenAI announced the launch of ChatGPT API -> Introducing ChatGPT and Whisper APIs.

Very recently, on November 6, 2023, OpenAI has announced GPTs -> Introducing GPTs.

Third Parties

Many have seen the ChatGPT hype as an opportunity. Many things have been published, including product offerings. Some might be using the ChatGPT name to refer to a type of chatbot, and some might name something that uses OpenAI assets with or without respecting the terms and conditions of their services. Some are working in good faith, but others don't. Be careful, as they might be unable to fulfill their promises when OpenAI decides to stop abuses, and some might be frauds or other malicious threats.

Web browser extensions

Be careful with web browser extensions.

Unfortunately, many are unaware that several Internet websites delegate the review of user-created content to the community. For example, some people might assume that as Chrome is a Google product and they trust Google, they can also trust all the Chrome extensions, but they might not be thinking about the risks that a third-party extension might have.

Using the Chrome Extension Webstore implies that the user has accepted the Google policies. On the other hand, the developers that have published extensions on the Chrome Extensions Webstore have accepted the Google Chrome Web Store Developer Agreement.

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