I'm wondering if it's possible to start a new OpenAI ChatGPT conversation by using a URL. I need to find some URL like https://chat.openai.com/chat?topic=why+is+the+sky+blue such that when I visit the link, it starts a conversation with the question "why is the sky blue".

One use case is to add ChatGPT to Google Chrome as a "site search" search engine.

Does ChatGPT have a URL query parameter like this that I can pass to start a chat?

I am open to installing a Chrome extension, user script, etc. to open a web browser tab that shows the original ChatGPT conversation user interface.

To be clear, I specifically want to use OpenAI's ChatGPT; I’m not interested in instructions for getting this to work with competing AI chatbots.


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As of 3 March 2024, the following works with chatgpt 3.5 (assuming you already have an account and are signed in):


  • This works, thanks! The UX is pretty janky: you'll be shown an empty chat window for about 4 seconds, then it "notices" your URL query and responds. Commented Mar 4 at 18:36

Adding to Gareth's answer.

From some quick trial and error it seems you can provide the model you want to use in the URL as well:



As a side note, this version of the URLs seems to work for me as well:




To the best of my knowledge, this isn't supported natively. However, you can use the following extension:

ChatGPT Deeplink: This adds a URL parameter to ChatGPT so you can deep link to start new conversations from other applications (like Raycast). The URL scheme is: https://chat.openai.com/?query=your+query+here

It also adds a custom search engine to Chrome, so in the Omnibox you can type ai {query}. Triggering this command may either be a space or tab, depending on your settings (chrome://settings/searchEngines).

I didn't test it myself but I did look at the source code to make sure it didn't look malicious. You can check out the source code online here, which you should do before installation.

There are other extensions that integrate ChatGPT with search somehow but this seems to be the only one that does what the question asks (providing a query URL or OpenSearch in the browser).


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