Google sheet to see my problem


See separate tab (help) See all Yellow Boxes........they have the formula that I want but they do not have the restriction of time.

see L46 based on the last X amount of trades (15) see S10 based on data from the year (2020) ( I want to be able to type different years and day to have calculations.

I try and copy what I have and add years to it but always get a error

anyway you can fill out yellow boxes and I can then copy and modify them as I need?

Would be greatly appreciated I must have 4 hours in just r20 with error

=ArrayFormula(COUNTIFS(F29:F38,">0",YEAR(P29:P45),S10)+COUNTIF(YEAR('Sold Stocks'!K2:K,”>0”),S10))

  • Welcome to Web Applications. See How to Ask. Links can be helpful but questions should include everything needed to answer. Edit your question to include sample data and your expected result. Convert copied cells/tables from Sheets to proper markdown format. Tools like the Markdown Table Generator can make this easier. Include relevant formulas describing what did/didn't work including any errors you encountered.
    – Blindspots
    Nov 7, 2023 at 22:08


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