Slack provides a visual editor for its Workflows, but I need to have all my organizations DevOps under source control (and as text).

Is there a way to access and manage a Slack Workflow as text?

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From https://slack.com/features/workflow-automation

Build a better workday, your way Get more done, faster. Transform everyday processes into automated workflows, without writing a single line of code.


You might also find helpful to look at

Slack Help Center > Tutorials & videos > Tutorials

Build a workflow

It doesn't mention an option to manage workflow as text.

If you are developer look to https://api.slack.com/automation/workflows. In order to understand this doc, you might have to go first to https://api.slack.com/automation/quickstart or even might have to start from https://api.slack.com/:

Workflows let you create complex and adaptable automations by building chains of functions.

Use your custom functions, pick from pre-defined Slack functions, or combine both to get the workflows you want.

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