I use the following "Mobile Gmail" links in Chrome browser on my laptop:

Google has announced that users can only use the "Basic HTML" view in a browser until January 2024, and after that they'll automatically be switched to the "Standard" view:
Gmail Help > Use the latest version of Gmail in your browser.

I'm trying to understand if this change affects the mobile-friendly links I'm using.

I got the links originally from this 2012 answer on Web Apps by @Anonymus.

There was some disagreement as to whether the links are "Mobile Gmail" or "HTML Gmail" so I am not sure whether they are affected by the January 2024 change.

For example,

  • Will the links still work?
  • Will my Gmail experience, and/or the links I need to use, change?

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Based solely on Google's announcement, after January 2024, the Basic HTML view will no longer be available and Google will redirect users to the default view of gmail.com that matches their platform and browser settings (see table below).

I haven't found information indicating what Google's intentions are for the Older Version of the Mobile view, however, as helpfully pointed out by @user1686, it is a distinct view from Basic HTML, so presumably it is safe for now and continuing to use that (or switching to it) may be a good option for you.
Comment by @user1686 noting that Basic HTML GMail and the Older Version of Mobile Gmail are not the same

The Older Version of the Mobile view is significantly more limited (or "lighter" depending on your perspective) than the Basic HTML view they are retiring.

Keeping it may reflect the reality that, at this time, there remains a need for a feature-limited view of Gmail, and its simplicity fits the bill far better than the Basic HTML version which is loaded with features, and actually far from "basic."

Gmail Views

There are currently four browser-based views for Gmail. Two are intended for mobile browsers and two are intended for desktop browsers.

  1. Standard Desktop
  2. Basic HTML Desktop (Unavailable after Jan. 2024)
  3. Mobile
  4. Older Version Mobile

Google resolves the same link to completely different Gmail views depending on a user's platform and browser settings.

For example, the table below lists which Gmail view a particular link will resolve to based on the user's platform (desktop vs. mobile) and the browser mode (desktop vs. mobile):

URL Mobile Browser
Desktop Mode *
Mobile Browser
Desktop Browser
Mobile Mode*
Desktop Browser
gmail.com Mobile Mobile Standard Mobile
m.gmail.com Mobile Mobile Older Version (Mobile) Mobile
mail.google.com/mail/x/ Mobile Older Version (Mobile) Older Version (Mobile) Mobile
mail.google.com/mail/h/ Basic HTML Basic HTML Basic HTML Basic HTML
  • Desktop Mode refers to the web browser setting, not the link labeled "Desktop" in the Mobile version of Gmail (which links to Basic HTML Desktop).
  • Mobile Mode refers to using Device Mode in Chrome DevTools to simulate a mobile device. Chrome for Developers > Simulate mobile devices with Device Mode
  • Older Version (Mobile) can be accessed in from a mobile browser without switching to desktop mode using a link to Older Version located at the bottom of the hamburger menu
    Shows the hamburger menu in Mobile Gmail.
    Older Version link located at bottom of hamburger menu.

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