I have a private Trello board (still open) on which I've archived something like 100 cards over the past couple of months. When I select "Archived items" under Menu, with no filters specified, it shows me the last 20 or so archived cards in chronological order, and then cuts off.

But, I would like to view the full list of all cards I have ever archived from this board, and cannot find an option. I considered it was getting capped, but according to this post that shouldn't be the issue.

Is there some way to view it in full I am missing? I'm on the free version, if that matters.

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There should be a grey button at the bottom of the list of cards which reads "Load more cards". Click that to load more cards :) You need to scroll to the bottom of the list fo cards to see it, I don't think this is a limitation on the free version.

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