The following arrayformula needs to be applied to the entire column B, so that it populates Twitter account IDs in the cells of Column B according to hyperlinks in Column A. It firstly checks whether the cell in Column A is empty. If empty, leave the cell in Column B empty; if not empty, populates the cell in Column B with a Twitter account ID according to the hyperlink in the cell of Column A.

=arrayformula(IF(A1="",,IF(REGEXMATCH(A1, "twitter\.com/[^/]+"), REGEXEXTRACT(A1, "twitter\.com/([^/]+)"),)))

But the problem is that, every time I and my coworkers "Insert 1 row above", the arrayformula is not automatically applied to the newly inserted row.

I found a 10-year old solution, but not sure whether it's still an optimal one. I did not see any option for adding script in the Tools menu as the solution described. But I saw a similar option called "Apps Script" in the Extension menu. And I tried creating a script with that option but didn't know what to do next. After I press the Debug button, it says something like authentication is required. The owner of the spreadsheet is one of my coworker, so I myself cannot do the authentication directly.

Incidentally, the purpose of populating Twitter account IDs in Column B is for finding duplicates in Column B. And that's because one Twitter account can only have one hyperlink in the spreadsheet.

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Reserve row 1 for headers by choosing View > Freeze > 1 row and change your workflow so that you always insert new rows below row 1.

Then clear column B and put this formula in cell B1:

  row(A1:A) = 1, 
  iferror(regexextract(A2:A, "twitter\.com/([^/]+)")) 

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