While I'm logged in to google.com with my Workspace account, where my account belongs to multiple groups (verified as an admin on admin.google.com/u/3/ac/groups), I do not see any of those groups on https://groups.google.com/u/3/, the page that I'm taken to when I click "Groups" button in the 9 dot menu on the top-right on my Workspace pages.

Attempted but didn't seem to resolve the issue

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On admin console, Apps->Google Workspace->Settings for Groups for Business->Service Status (something like https://admin.google.com/u/3/ac/settings/serviceonoff?iid=15&aid=OUR_OWN_ID), "Off for everyone" was selected so I checked "On for everyone", waited for 10 or so minutes. Then the expected groups showed up under https://groups.google.com/u/3/all-groups.

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