I have a dataset with 14 columns. Two of the columns contain text that is in JSON format.

I am currently parsing the data with ImportJSON(), a script that is a collection of custom functions. It has been available for Google Sheets since 2012 and is widely used.

I have found a way to parse the contents in the JSON cells one by one, but it is slow to do that over all the rows, and the formulas become prone to showing Loading... (issue 222342097.)

How do I efficiently parse the JSON data in a column row by row using one array formula instead of parsing every cell separately?

  • Welcome to Web Applications SE. ImportJson is not a Google Sheets Function. Please take the Tour and review How to Ask, then edit your question to include enough detail that the problem is understood. Include a sample of your data before and an example of the expected result. Also, include any formulas you are using as well as any error messages you are encountering.
    – Blindspots
    Dec 6, 2023 at 20:45


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