I'm not sure how to word this, but im creating a pilot episode for a film I'm making and I am not sure what function(s) to do so that when I add a duration to a specicfic shot, it updates a row down and a column right to it (adding to the time stamp of the episode). Anybody have any ideas?

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SCAN Formula

Make sure the number format for all relevant columns is set to Duration and place the following formula in B2.

={0; (SCAN(0,TOCOL(A2:A,1), 
   LAMBDA(s, n, s+n)))}
  • The SCAN function is perfect for this task. It returns the intermediary calculations from a LAMBDA function that adds s an accumulator (subtotal) to n a new number.
  • variable names are arbitrary, use whatever you prefer.
  • TOCOL is used because it can remove empty rows. In this way, the entire column A can be specified as the range allowing the formula to expand dynamically as new data is added.
  • An initial duration of 0 is added to the array to offset it because you want starting, not ending, timestamps.

A table showing initial durations, formula, and starting timestamps

Both Starting and Ending Timestamps

The formula can be easily adapted to return a two-column array of starting and ending timestamps in a single formula, since it is essentially the same formula, simply offset by one row:

   LAMBDA(s, n, s+n)),
  • LET is used to store the result of
       LAMBDA(s, n, s+n))
    in the variable end
  • an array is returned where
    • column 1 is end with a 0 prepended as the first row
    • column 2 is end with a blank value appended as the last row

table showing initial durations, formula, and starting and ending timestamps




A simple = P3 + P4 in the Q4 should work. Q3 doesn't need a formula; it'll just be 0:00:00. Just drag down the formula by the bottom-right square and it'll add it up for you.

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