Found the problem, but not a way to fix it.

I'm European and we use , instead of . to show decimals. so 2,50 euros for example is a value.

How can i have a formula like =SUMIF(E:E, "A", I:I) (Get the sum of I where the E column value is "A") work using comma's instead of points?

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If your spreadsheet is in a locale that uses comma as decimal mark, use semicolon ; as formula argument separator instead of comma ,, like this:

=sumif(E1:E; "A"; I1:I)

Use File > Settings > Locale to set your spreadsheet's locale correctly. Note that this also sets things like date and time format, and timezone, which may cause existing date and time values to shift.

For more information, see Set a spreadsheet’s location & calculation settings and this blog post by Ben Collins.

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