I enabled Cosmic Panda on YouTube to try it out. I seem unable to view any videos with it (in Chrome!) so want to disable it. I can't find settings for it anywhere and usefully Google search turns up a load of YouTube videos to show how to turn it off... helpful!

Any ideas how I disable it? I was logged in at the time so it's not in a cookie - it must be buried somewhere in the settings - anyone know where?

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All you have to do is navigate to http://www.youtube.com/cosmicpanda and click the link called older version

Another way out is to navigate to http://www.youtube.com/testtube and follow the link to Cosmic Panda from there.

  • Woop- thanks! Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be why my YouTube videos are all coming up with an error...
    – x3ja
    Commented Jul 20, 2011 at 4:02

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