I want a web-based e-mail service which

  1. displays e-mails sorted by conversation;

  2. can import e-mails from POP3 accounts;

  3. can send e-mails from other accounts (either by faking the From header or by logging into that account's SMTP server);

  4. is hosted in a location which is subject to the EU Data Protection Act;

  5. is not subject to the US PATRIOT Act (hence, not run by an EU subsidiary of a US company);

  6. provides a large amount of storage space.

I do have a shared hosting account in the UK, so if there's any FOSS software I could install there, that'd be good, but I'm mainly looking for a service provider to handle it for me.



Originally an Australian company. Now owned by Opera (norwegian company) since 2010. Norway is not part of EU.




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    But their servers are US based: We are located in Melbourne Australia, we use IBM servers hosted by NYI in NYC US. FastMail.FM is now run by Opera Software Australia Pty Ltd, a whole owned subsidiary of Opera Software ASA of Norway. From their help page. And it's an Australian company, even if it's owned by a Norwegian one. – Alex Aug 10 '11 at 13:16
  • @Alex: ok sorry I didn't see that. – gulbrandr Aug 10 '11 at 18:12

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