Can anyone suggest a Google Sheets formula to stop removing trailing zeros? (but allow truncating to 6 digits after decimal? 00.000000

29.9918650 -93.958005 29.991865 -93.958005 (1mi:29.991865:-93.958005)

GOOGLE DOC: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k4Xydv-VGmvIrwuidsmtXwUkGkSfJh0grmn4Pvh2qWQ/edit?usp=sharing

EXPLAINER VIDEO: https://www.loom.com/share/81e77eecdff04dda802b19cf566ac1f9


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You can use number formatting to set six decimal places. Click the Increase decimal places button .00 button in the toolbar until you have six decimals.

Alternatively, format the pertinent cells explicitly as Format > Number > Custom number format > 0.0000000.

You can copy and paste an existing number format from a cell to other cells with Edit > Paste special > Format only.

To set the number format with a formula, apply this pattern:

=query(trunc(D12, 6), "format Col1 '0.000000' ", 0)
  • Thank you for your reply. I tried using the formula you gave, however, I noticed it needs to be applied to the last colum. Can you assist me with understanding that part? VIDEO: loom.com/share/… Commented Jan 23 at 8:51
  • Site best practices state that questions should be self-contained. Many contributors here will refuse to follow links to external sites. Many others will refuse to view videos. Please do not present new requirements after you have received an answer. Ask only one question per post. Post a new question instead. Include all relevant details in the question. Commented Jan 23 at 10:21

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