What does this red line mean on Google Maps? I spotted it by accident and it closely highlights this area of cut trees. I wasn't able to find any info online https://maps.app.goo.gl/uk9eLyVmxvLQnxDr8 a picture of a forest

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Ski Hill

According to responses to the r/GoogleMaps Reddit post "What is this dashed red line on Google Maps?", Maps may use the red dashed straight line to indicate a ski lift.

  1. Although there was some disagreement in the thread, the users that claimed it was a ski lift seemed informed, or had development experience, and/or (claimed) inside knowledge. Some of the naysayers may have been confused about what the OP meant by dashed red line. For example,

    Link to response by a Naysayer
    The image they linked shows they misunderstood the OP's question, thinking they were referring to a different type of red line:
    Map showing a dotted red border completely surrounding an area

  2. The dashed line is located in Wilsonův les (Wilson forest-park) and a recent Google Maps review notes that there used to be a ski hill at that location:

    Ales Vanek's Review (2023-11)
    Wilsonův les
    616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky, Czechia

    It's a beautiful place to visit, especially in the autumn as it's very colourful. This forest/park is a popular for locals, especially dog owners. Zigzag routes takes you through 10ha area, very enjoyable though. In 1970s there used to be even a ski field being based in one area of the hill (where theviewpointt is now) but locals decided to get rid of that, after all.

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