Here is a similar question: How to see which formulas reference a given cell in Google Sheets?

Unfortunately the accepted answer does not solve my problem. I am trying to categorize my income and expenses in Google Sheets. What I want is a way to click on each destination cell (where the total is calculated), and see all of the cells that are included in a SUM formula inside that destination cell. Crucially, I want to do this for multiple destination cells AT THE SAME TIME. This way I can quickly glance through and see if there are any missing cells i.e. transactions.

Alternatively, a way to permanently mark each cell that has been included in a destination cell formula would also suffice. So for example, if I have cells A5, A10, A16, A32 and they are referenced in a destination cell like this =SUM(A5, A10, ...) it would be helpful to mark those original cells in some way.

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    Please edit your question to include a minimal example of source data and relevant formulas in markdown format as well as an example of your desired result based on same.
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You may find useful SUBTOTAL - between many useful functionalities, it allows you to perform some operations (SUM included) in different ranges, like this:

=SUBTOTAL(9,B2:B4)  --> this in each of the subtotals in bold I put in the example, with the corresponding range

enter image description here

But then, when you use SUBTOTAL for the whole range, it will skip all the current SUBTOTALs, then omitting the duplications:


enter image description here

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