My firm uses Microsoft Teams. By default, when a guest — a Teams user from outside my organization — tries to join my meeting, they are first placed in the lobby and I must approve them before they can participate in the meeting.

As the organizer, I can change that setting for a given meeting, as shown in the screenshots below, but I don't want to have to manually change that setting for each new meeting.

How can I configure Teams such that when I create a new meeting the default setting for Who can bypass the lobby is People in my org and guests?

Default meeting options: (Web App)
enter image description here

What I want the default to be:
Meeting Options screenshot: Who can bypass the lobby? (dropdown) People in my org; People dialing in can bypass the lobby (switch)


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There are two settings involved here that affect whether a particular type of meeting participant bypasses the lobby:

  1. Organizer's Default Lobby Policy
  2. Organizer's Per-Meeting Setting

Organizer's Default Lobby Policy

Set by your organization's IT department using the lobby settings in the Teams admin center.

Organizer's Per-Meeting Setting

Set by the meeting organizer. Is one-off and meeting-specific.

The Good News

While your IT department may have used a consistent lobby policy across many Teams users, they are designed as per-organizer policies. This means that your IT department, were it so inclined, could customize your organizer policy to match your preferences.

The Bad News

If the IT department is not inclined to accommodate you, you are left only with the option to continue changing the settings on a one-off per-meeting basis, and thanking your stars the default policy settings allow that option, and they didn't disable it.


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