My Google Workspace account profile image isn't displaying to Gmail recipients.

  1. I followed the instructions from Control what others see about you across Google services for my Workspace account.
  2. In About Me, under Basic info > Profile picture, I confirmed the visibility is correctly set to Anyone Visible to anyone.
  3. When I send an email from that account to my personal Gmail address, I still don't see the profile picture, instead my first initial in a solid-colored circle is displayed.

What should I do to have my Workspace account's profile image displayed to Gmail recipients?

  • In About Me, under Basic info > Profile picture if you click the chevron > (right of the Anyone icon) what image is shown & does it include anything like "Your profile picture is managed by your organization"? Note: Link you provided to the article does not use the default account but a secondary account (?authuser=2), not sure if that is a factor in your problem. Important: You didn't actually share what changes you did or didn't make to your profile when you "followed the instructions" in the article.
    – Blindspots
    Feb 5 at 17:13


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