I want to change the text color to Red for cells in range A3:A25 by comparing the corresponding values in the worksheet named 'Stock Master'. i.e., if the corresponding value (reference present in Column A of 'Stock Master') in Column L of 'Stock Master' is less than the value in Column M of 'Stock Master', change the text color to RED.

I used the following custom formula for conditional and I am getting the Error Message: "Invalid Formula"

=vlookup(A3,INDIRECT('Stock Master'!$A$3:$M$300,12, False))<vlookup(A3, INDIRECT('Stock Master'!$A$3:$M$300,13,False))

What is wrong with my custom formula for conditional formatting?

  • Maybe your locale expects semicolons instead of commas?
    – Martín
    Commented Feb 10 at 12:11
  • Couldn't understand "locale" !! Commented Feb 10 at 14:33

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Syntax Error

INDIRECT takes a reference-as-string or a reference to a cell that contains a reference-as-string, but you are passing it a range reference.

You need to add quotation marks to convert the range reference to a reference-as-string.


  1. Reference-as-string:
    • "A:B"
    • "A1"
  2. Reference:
    • A:B - incorrect
    • A1 - correct only if A1 contains a reference-as-string.

Corrected Formula

=VLOOKUP(A3, INDIRECT("'Stock Master'!A3:M300"), 12, 0)<
 VLOOKUP(A3, INDIRECT("'Stock Master'!A3:M300"), 13, 0)

or using LET

=LET(r,INDIRECT("'Stock Master'!A3:M300"),
   VLOOKUP(A3, r, 12, 0)<VLOOKUP(A3, r, 13, 0))

Code Efficiency

  • I replaced FALSE with 0.
  • I removed the absolute symbols $ since they are meaningless in a text string.


   INDIRECT("'Stock Master'!A3:M300"), 
   "WHERE Col1='"& A3 &"' AND Col12 < Col13"))

Alternative formula 1

=LET(r,INDIRECT("'Stock Master'!A3:M300"),

Alternative formula 2


Functions Used



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