In Excel there is a button to "Evaluate Formula", so I could step through whatever formula I wrote and find where I messed up. Is there anything equivalent in Google Sheets?

EDIT: I am not referring to a function called "evaluate". enter image description here There is a button in excel (see picture) that lets you step through the function in a cell that you have selected, and is very useful to see why it is returning something that you didn't expect (error, etc.).

I don't think this is a duplicate question. I searched StackExchange, and did not see a question similar to what I asked. This is not a VBA or AppScript question, this is purely for formulas inputted into cells.

  • Cross site duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/16303680/…
    – TheMaster
    Feb 13 at 4:59
  • its not the same. Excel has an "Evaluate Function" button that lets you step through the logic of the formula in whatever cell you have selected. It is really useful when the cell doesn't give you the output you expected
    – Doragon
    Feb 13 at 14:48
  • 1
    I see. It doesn't have that feature either.
    – TheMaster
    Feb 13 at 15:02

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As of February 13, 2024, Google Sheets doesn't have a built-in feature similar to

a button to "Evaluate Formula", so I could step through whatever formula I wrote and find where I messed up

Google Sheets can be extended (add more features) by installing add-ons and using Google Apps Script.

Google Sheets Add-ons
To learn about the available add-ons, lick the Extensions menu on the Google Sheets editor, then click on Get add-ons.

Extended "Extensions" menu, showing the "Get add-ons" option

Tip: Click the Help > Search the menus then type add-ons

Another option is to go directly to the Google Workspace Marketplace

Extended "Works with" filter, showing the "Sheets" option

For example, an add-on called Formula Tracer. At first glance, it looks to me that it might add the feature you are looking for. I haven't used it. Please read the add-on listing carefully.

Before installing any add-on, as it should be done before using any third-party software, if available, look at the aggregated ratings (stars) and the reviews and ensure that you understand the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

Tip: Software Recommendations Stack Exchange is another Stack Exchange network site focusing on software recommendations. Asking for a Google Sheets add-on recommendation might be on-topic. Before posting a question or answer, please check out their tour.

Google Apps Script

On the Extensions menu I mentioned above, there is also the option to create/open a bounded Google Apps Script project: App Script. This option will open the Google Apps Script editor (IDE), showing the top project file. The more you know about programming and JavaScript, the better chances you can get the most out of this web app. If you learn about web development, you should be able to craft custom functions and simple web apps that help you to "evaluate" your formulas very quickly.


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