The blink second moment of it looking like a saved webpage by firefox

But then it looks like this

Is there anyway to make it open up the way it would if it was saved on firefox browser and opened on firefox browser instead of just opened on firefox browser

so it will look like this?

how it looks if saved on firefox web browser and if opened with firefox webbrowser

I dont really know what else to say i saved this webpage on microsoft edge but now i regret it because it doesnt have the people you may know suggestions list on it like it would if i had saved it with firefox browser

is there anyway to fix this?

another one of a webpage of my firefox profile saved with microsoft edge and as you can see you cant see the suggestion list profiles its blank

as you can see from me circling in purple microsoft edge did not save the wepabe with all the profiles listed in the suggestion list visible their all blank of white

its not like how its saved on firfox of where its visible and veritical

the vertical is not important to me but as you see above i have an image of saved webpage of facebook and it shows the profiles virtically

Its almost like microsoft edge saves the webpage as if your actually on the site it literally saves the webpage the exact visual way as if you were actually on the site and not just a saved html file of it

But the problem is it doesnt show the profiles that were listed of the actual webpage

so as similiarly accurate as the html duplicate might be theres one difference it doesnt have the profiles listed on it like the actual

I want the profile list i saved that i manually clicked of the button to load the next list till it reached the end to be visible with all the peoples profile image src and their href link name

like it is when i save the facebook webpage with firefox

please can someone help me!!!!


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