I have accidentally had two accounts on Booking.com. On the first one, I misspelled by email address (swapped two characters). They obviously never confirmed it the email address. I have bookings on both as one browser auto-fills one address and another browser auto-fills in the other.

The main issue is that the new bookings I have just made are on the incorrect email account, so I don't receive notifications. The obvious thing would be to merge the accounts. I can not find any way to do this, nor can I find any way to send booking a message.

How can I get my accounts merged ?

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Eventually I had an extensive discussion and gripe with Booking.

  • They couldn't merge the accounts.
  • But they said that they would transfer the bookings over to the good account.
  • The bookings appeared on both accounts. But all interactions such as notices were in the dysfunctional account. So, this was a pointless exercise.
  • I got back to them again, and they helped change the email address.
  • Since you were successful, this answer could be improved by specifying the specific mechanism(s) used to contact Booking (eg support form, support email, support phone, etc.), and what platform(s) were used for the initial and subsequent discussions (eg Chat, Email, web form/ticket system, etc.)
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Look at the Booking.com resources for end-users to learn if an account merge is something that end-users could do. If there isn't a specific resource, look for information about how to contact Booking.com support.

Things that you might try on your own:

  1. Try to add an alternate email address.
  2. Try to update the misspelled email address by using a different one (not used for sign-up on Booking.com).
  3. Try to share the Bookings done with the misspelled account with a verified account.

As of February 23, 2024 the Booking.com homepage has a lot of links to resources near the page bottom, a couple of links have the text Customer Service Help.

Booking.com home page section about resources

Those links point to https://secure.booking.com/help. The page heading is "Welcome to the Help Center".

  • I had already tried most of those. DV is not mine. Commented May 25 at 22:03

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