Is there anyway to search Twitter into the distant past. I'd like to know any occurrence of a term that was ever tweeted. It seems on http://search.twitter.com I can only search like one week at a time.


Topsy can help you find tweets from the distant past by using their advanced search.

This search query find references to Obama in tweets between Jan/2009 & Jan/2011 - http://topsy.com/s?mintime=1254335400&maxtime=1293820200&q=obama


Try http://snapbird.org/ It searches terms/people all the way back to Twitter's inception.


I only can't search because I'm using distance search. That answers it.

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    very vague answer. Expand on it. for example: Make sure to clear your other search filters or something along those lines. – Rebecca Dessonville Oct 17 '12 at 20:58

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