I'm trying to create a formula to generate a list of values in a dropdown.

  1. Each row contains a task that has a status, and a priority.
  2. The priority is set from a dropdown containing a list of numbers from 1-50.
  3. No two tasks can share the same priority so the dropdown must exclude any already in use.
  4. When a task has a status="done", its priority is no longer considered in use and should once more be available in the dropdowns.

For example, in the table below,

  • the dropdowns are in column A
  • The priority 15 in A4 should not be excluded from dropdowns because C4="Done"
  • Therefore, the dropdown in A6, for example, could include 15 but would not include any of {24, 32, 49}
1 Priority Task Status
2 32 A task to complete In Progress
3 24 Another task In progress
4 15 A completed task Done
5 49 A postponed task On Hold
6 Another task awaiting prioritisation To Do

I'm able to eliminate any assigned priority from the dropdowns using the following formula, but I can't get to the next step, restoring used values to the dropdown if they are assigned to a task with status="done":


How would I reinstate a value that was used, such as in A4 of my example, if the status of that row is set to "Done"?


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Put this formula somewhere on the same sheet or another sheet and point your dropdown to the column where you place it.

     A2:A1000, SEQUENCE(50),
     C2:C1000, "<>Done")=0)


  1. COUNTIFS is used in place of COUNTIF to allow adding the additional criteria <>Done.
  2. SEQUENCE is used to create the list of numbers from 1-50
  3. FILTER removes numbers already in use based on the array of TRUE/FALSE values returned by COUNTIFS.
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    perfect, thanks for that, I hadn't considered the sequence function! Feb 26 at 16:00

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