Discord shows some of messages below a channel in the left menu:

enter image description here

How does Discord decide which messages to show below a channel in the left menu?

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These are recent posts inside a Discord community forum channel. You can change which posts will be listed there by switching between "Recent Activity" (default) and "Creation Time" in the channel settings, provided you have the administrative permissions to do so. Posts will no longer be shown in this list if they are inactive for longer than the "Hide after inactivity" channel setting allows.

If you have the permissions to change channel settings, you will see the gear icon to the right of the channel name:

forum channel name with "add user" button and gear button to the right

In the Overview settings, you may change when inactive posts get hidden and what order they appear in:

options: "SORT ORDER: Recent Activity, Recent Activity, Creation Time", "Hide after inactivity"

Forum channels are only available in Discord community servers.

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