I am trying to track support hours in a shared document and want to have the entire month turn red if the number of support hours allocated in the month exceed the client's allowance. The date of a task is entered on a row, along with a description of the task and the number of support hours used.

I am using the formula =IFERROR(SUM(FILTER(C2:C997,MONTH(A2:A997)=2)),0) to find the total number of hours used in a given month (we'll do a new one each year), and I want all rows with tasks created during that month to turn red if this total exceeds 50.

Date of task Task information Hours used
1 1/1/24 A task 20
2 22/1/24 Another task 25
3 30/1/24 A third task 30
4 2/2/24 A further task 15
5 4/2/24 Yet another task 7
6 15/2/24 Even more tasks 18
7 29/2/24 A leap task 9

In the example, the tasks assigned in January total 75 hours, so rows 1, 2 and 3 should be highlighted in red. However, the tasks assigned in February only total 49, so those tasks in rows 4-7 should remain unaffected.

In the table I'm working on I've extracted the values of 75 and 49 to individual cells so I can conditionally format based on the value of those cells, but I'm struggling to find out how to define the range of the affected rows.

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=50 <= SUMPRODUCT($C$2:$C, EOMONTH($A$2:$A,)=EOMONTH($A2,))
  1. Compares Month-Year, not simply month.
  2. Assumes first cell in range to be conditionally formatted is A2
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    Thanks for that, works great - I was hoping to use the same formula to output the total hours used each month in a separate table but it only returns the first month of data, are you able to assist with that also or would this be a separate question? My table works but only for the month, not the year, which is why I ask Commented Mar 6 at 16:46
  • Ask a new question that includes the formula that isn't working and I'll be happy to help if others don't get there first.
    – Blindspots
    Commented Mar 6 at 21:24

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