I'm having trouble with conditional formatting. I would like a cell with a date to be highlighted after a certain amount of time has passed. That amount of time depends upon another cell. For instance, A1 says "Monthly" and I want A2 to highlight after a month has passed. B1 says "Weekly" and I want B2 to highlight after a week has passed.

These work:

=AND(TODAY() - $H7 > 7, $G7 = "Weekly")

=AND(TODAY() - $H7 > 14, $G7 = "Bi-weekly")

=AND(TODAY() - $H7 > 28, $G7 = "Monthly")

=AND(TODAY() - $H7 > 56, $G7 = "Bi-monthly")

I basically want to be able to change G7 from "Weekly" to "Monthly" and it change H7 to the proper amount of time passed.

Thank you!


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Add your conditions together. If at least one matches the result will be a non-zero number that Sheets will interpret as TRUE.


=TODAY()-$H7 >  HLOOKUP($G7,
   {"Weekly","Bi-Weekly","Monthly", "Bi-Monthly"; 
     7, 14, 28, 56}, 2, 0))


=LET(days,TODAY()-$H7, max,$G7,


=LET(days,TODAY()-$H7, max,$G7,
   AND(max="Weekly", days>7)+ 
   AND(max="Bi-Weekly", days>14)+
   AND(max="Monthly", days>28)+
   AND(max="Bi-Monthly", days>56))

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