I am using the count formula on google sheets to calculate total work orders submitted and counting by the work order number. Well when my work order number crossed 9999, it stopped counting them in my formula. For example:


This would only count 5 total work orders when there is actually 8. Also, the work orders over 9999 are now formatted on the left side of the cell as opposed to the right. Any idea why?

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  • Welcome to Web Applications Stack Exchange. Please add enough details so others can reproduce the problem without having to guess your context/setup. Mar 28 at 16:44
  • Please edit your question to include your formula. Try COUNTA instead. It will count the number of values regardless if they are text or numbers.
    – Blindspots
    Mar 28 at 18:33

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It sounds like you are using count() to count numbers.

A value like 9622-2 will be interpreted by Google Sheets as the date 1 February 9622. Dates are numbers and will be included in count() results.

A value like 10098-1 will be interpreted as a text string that will not be included in count() results.

To count any type of values, including zero-length text strings "", use counta(), like this:


See counta().

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