I have a 2.5-hour loop, and I need help figuring out how to correctly set the dates. I tried something like this: =IF(TODAY() > B25, B25 + 5, B25), and it works, but the issue is that after the loop has finished a single iteration and passes B25 twice, it doesn't update again because that's not what the code says. So I need to manually change B25 every time, not to mention the other 4 days. My question is if there is some easy way to do it in one box or how do i make b25 change dates automatically?

An imagine of my Google Sheets.

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    – Blindspots
    Apr 3 at 20:33
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    Please edit your question to show 1. what is in B25, 2. what you "want" it to do rather than simply explaining why it doesn't do it. I don't know what your actual expected behavior is. If we understand the point of it all we can help.
    – Blindspots
    Apr 3 at 20:40


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