I want a cumulative formula that will return the running total for each value in column B.

For example, in the rows in column A:

  1. =SUM(B$1:B1)
  2. =SUM(B$1:B2)
  3. =SUM(B$1:B3)
  4. =SUM(B$1:B4)
  5. etc.

I would like to get get this as an array formula so that I don’t have to drag the formula every time I add more data.

I haven't been able to solve this myself.


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SCAN Function

Scans an array and produces intermediate values by application of a LAMBDA function to each value.

TOCOL was used to remove blank rows from column B.

=SCAN(0, TOCOL(B2:B,1), LAMBDA(a,v, a+v)) 


  1. MAP a SEQUENCE of numbers matching the number of populated rows in your column, one by one, into a LAMBDA function that stores the current row number in x
  2. The LAMBDA's formula takes x and creates another SEQUENCE of numbers up to and including x that CHOOSEROWS uses as the row numbers from column B to return.
  3. The CHOOSEROWS function is wrapped in SUM which returns the total up to that row x, then the process repeats for the next x until they are all done.

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