I'm using Microsoft Outlook to search for messages based on sender, keyword, etc., but the search results do not include a "Folder" column.

  1. In older versions of Outlook (Classic Outlook), there was an Advanced Find dialog accessed using Ctrl+Shift+F that showed the location of messages in search results as a tooltip when hovering over them. This functionality doesn't appear supported in New Outlook.

  2. In Outlook on the web, a message's location is listed within the search results: Outlook on the web

How can I determine the location of messages in search results?

Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO
Version 2402, Build 16.0.17328.20282, 64-bit
Microsoft 365 apps for Enterprise

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"In Outlook Online (Office 365)..."

Outlook on the web

The online version of Microsoft Outlook for users of Microsoft 365, Exchange Server1, and Exchange Online is now called Outlook on the web.2

Office 365 was rebranded Microsoft 365 in mid-20203.

In Outlook on the Web, a message's location is listed within the search results:

Outlook search results for 'message center'

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Outlook Web App was the branding for organizations running Exchange Server 2013
There also exists a 'Light' version with reduced functionality for Outlook on the web (Exchange 2016+) and Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2013).
Microsoft maintained the 'Office 365' naming for 3 of it's enterprise subscriptions that do not include Teams: Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5.
  • This is not the interface I have at all. How did you got there?
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    Ah, I see the misunderstanding. Outlook Online is not a web application, it has its own client, which I use. But in fact accessing it from the web results in the solution you have shown. I'd like to find a solution that works from the standalone app.
    – dr_
    Commented May 27 at 7:00
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    @dr_ While I can see the word 'online' used beside Outlook in some places, I'm not aware of a current desktop or web app called 'Outlook Online'. If it's a desktop app it's on-topic on Super User, if a web app then here. You should provide more clarity on the specific app you are discussing. Editing your Q to include product name, version #, and screenshots would clear up a lot of confusion.
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  • Done, thanks for your help.
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