I have a channel with published posts that has no associated discussion group.

I now want to turn on commenting for posts in this channel, including those already published, but associating a channel with a discussion group only enables commenting for new posts.

I could republish the existing posts, but then I would lose the original metadata such as original publication date, and statistics like views, likes etc.

Is there a way to enable coming for the existing posts without republishing them or should I be making a Telegram feature request?

Related question: How to enable comments for specific posts in channel? In this related question shown that comments for specific posts in channel can be turned off (actually disabled forever for specific posts) by removing the posts from discussion group, but not how to do the reverse.

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Per the Telegram API (API > Discussion groups), what is taking place under the covers after linking a channel with a discussion group is that a copy of all new posts to the channel is forwarded to the discussion group, and the comments are the linked discussion thread.

That may be the issue with "adding" commenting to older posts.

The comment section of a channel post is simply the message thread of the automatically forwarded channel message in the linked discussion supergroup.

Thus, the comment section of a particular post can be disabled by removing the autoforwarded channel post message from the discussion group.

  • This appears to be design flaw. Probably it will be possible to fix by manual forwarding not existing or deleted posts to discussion group again and press some new button there that will make such association again with ability to add comments. Forwarded posts will be placed in the end of the list with other posts (not in the same place where original post is placed in the channel). But I think this must not be a problem. Also may be it will be possible to add such posts back in the middle of other posts . This depends on the design of posts ordering in the group (I do not know the details). Commented Jun 14 at 14:18
  • 1
    I suspect it's not possible using the current API because of how they've implemented the functionality, a downside of adding features over time. Based on API notes in that section and also Channels, supergroups, gigagroups and basic… there are several separate elements synchronizing changes. Comments are not in the channel but sync'ed from a seperate unique message in a discussion group. Users not in group also comment in channel which posts back to group from a special user which then syncs back in channel. Etc. Etc.
    – Blindspots
    Commented Jun 14 at 14:39
  • 2
    If it isn't supported they'll need to be highly motivated to add it given the complexity.
    – Blindspots
    Commented Jun 14 at 14:45

It seems that now it is not possible without reposting the old posts and deleting them. I've created corresponding feature request for Telegram:

How to enable comments for old previous posts in channel that were published before association the channel with corresponding comments group

If you interested in this feature please mark it with thumb up there.

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