I got notified via email that someone changed my FB account associated mail, removed my phone number ( which I had 2FA turned on, APP & SMS) and changed my password. I recovered my account by changing the mail and the password but my 2FA code is not working. I had google authenticator set up but the code does not work and no option to use phone number. I submitted my national ID card to Facebook and they could verify it, they send me a link with a temp password to login, but once logged in, it again asks for me to enter 2FA, which is total non-sense and endless loop! Also I don't have any other browsers logged it. What can I do now? Can someone please help me? I can't even reach a single person from support.

I don't know how the hacker hijacked my session or even got in, I had 2FA, strong password, it's personal comupter...I don't fall for phishing links, scanned my pc a million times, searched for all possible logs..NOTHING!

TL;DR: Facebook hacked and when recovered, the hacker set 2FA and I cannot access it now because I don't have the 2FA Code.



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