Let’s say I transfer the ownership of an Google brand account to another person (a YouTube channel). You make them the primary owner and you remove yourself from it, making it look like you never made the channel yourself.

Let’s say the new person gets terminated shortly afterwards for something like, copyright strikes. What will happen to you?

Will YouTube in any way discover that you really made the account and therefore your channels will get terminated too, or will just the new person and their accounts (including the transferred one) get terminated only?

Or worse, will you two both get terminated?

  • This question seems to follow a similar pattern to your last one It was already stated that Google doesn't disclose all the details of its anti-abuse measures, and you should be asking practical questions about a problem you are facing using a web application rather than these types of hypotheticals that can't be definitively answered by anyone but Google.
    – Blindspots
    Commented Jul 10 at 0:46


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