Every time I login to Google as my OpenID I stay signed-in. This can get annoying as I feel safer searching Google without being logged-in, even if my dynamic IP is logged.

Obviously I can just immediately go to Google and log-out, but as this is a pain, i'm hoping there's a better way.

I know that unchecking remember me would stop it persisting across browser sessions, but I don't want to be logged-in when I next go to Google, whether in the same session or not.

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Use Cookie Zapper to delete cookies once you leave the tab. Alternatively, if you use a non-US version of Google you can disable cookies on that domain (e.g. using FireCookie), however you can't if you don't, as cookies are required on the domain used for OpenID.


You could try using the private mode of your browser. All current browsers have this capability. In private mode you will not be automatically logged into Google.

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    Wouldn't work as i'd want to be logged-into the OpenID-powered site as well.
    – Gelatin
    Commented Jun 30, 2010 at 20:43

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