I'm trying to get all of my domain users to show up in Google Contacts automatically, but Google doesn't seem to support this basic feature. I could probably cobble something together with the Profiles and Shared Contacts API, but is there any other way to do this? I know this this already pseudo-implemented with address autocomplete, but some of my users really want to have a list of domain contacts. I wouldn't care if it was an Apps Marketplace app or something that I had to park on a server and run. I'm running Apps Education Edition.


Try SherpaTools for Google Apps http://www.sherpatools.com/tour/ We are using it for a long time and is the best way to do all the contact / shared directory tasks using Google Apps. Even they have a 'robot' for Gtalk who replys with data from the Shared Conctacs List.


I tested several free apps for sharing contacts, and this the best one I found so far. Netkiller Shared Contacts is free, easy to use and open source.

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