I need some help with a Google Sheets. Let's say I've got a column and in the column I have three rows containing the values A, B, and C:


I need to transpose the column so that it reads horizontally:

A     B     C

In an empty cell, I can use the function =TRANSPOSE(A1:A3) to get the rows switched into columns. My problem is that the three columns are a reference to the original column, and I can't erase the original column or it will mess up these three new columns. I also can't paste the new columns into a new spreadsheet.

How can I "unlink" the three new columns from the original column?

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In new Google Sheets there is no need for a function. Just select B and C, Ctrl+c, select the cell immediately to the right of Aand Edit, Paste special, Paste transpose.

This creates copies of B and C but there is no linkage so those below A may be deleted without affect those to the right of A.


Select the three columns, copy them and then paste them in a new row, pasting values only. Then you can erase the original column.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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