I found a post regarding Yahoo Mail "Strongly Believed to Be Compromised", and it was exactly my case. I logged into my Yahoo mail account from China and I received a security alert stating my account has been compromised.

Could you explain more why it happened?

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Since that's kind of hard to do without threatening legal action against Yahoo or a similar tactic, I'll just go over some of the more common ways that accounts are hijacked:

  • The hacker installed malware on your computer, and it captured your password or a session cookie and went along and tried to change your password or something.

  • The hacker created a phishing site and skimmed the password from you without you realizing that it was a fraudulent page.

  • The hacker hacked into Yahoo's servers and grabbed their hashes and started cracking them.

  • The hacker may have pulled the password from a recent disclosure of passwords.

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