I liked this feature very much, to drag a URL from the Firefox address bar to a mindmap and it would be clickable from a node. This feature was also once described here:

From a different browser window, not tab, simply drag the URL to the node that you’d like to link to, and presto – instant link insertion. Say goodbye to copy/paste!

Now they rolled out a new version, and I noticed it does not work anymore. Instead I get this little error box after dropping the link on the node:

error box

Is there still a way to do it?

  • Are you trying to drag an image from another window into your mindmap or are you trying to create a link inside one of the nodes from a url in the address bar? Both seem to be working for me on MacOS: d.pr/free/v/EkSJLT Commented Jan 3, 2018 at 21:00


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